We are Wellness Advisors who strive to educate, support and motivate our clients for the purpose of creating wellness in hopes that it will improve the health and well-being of generations to come.

Our Motto is: “Better Health is Just Around the Corner”

We approach our patients and clients health status from a Holistic perspective. This Holistic health perspective is represented in our circular logo and was designed to give our clients and patients hope. Hope, that “Better Health is Just Around the Corner” whether it is Structurally through Chiropractic adjustments, Nutritionally through our person— specific nutritional protocols or Emotionally, through remedies to help support each individuals emotional state regarding their health. We truly believe that given time and the right therapies our patients and clients will gain better health and create wellness!

We offer these services and treatments:

PRO-ADJUSTER - Technology Breakthrough in Chiropractic:

Dr. Derrick W. Denman, D.C., has kept up with the latest developments in Chiropractic health care for the past 20 years. Our clinic has recently begun utilization of the most advanced technology, spinal analysis and treatment technique in the world. This new technology has been added to our already successful analysis and treatment programs. Now exclusively available, at Alternative Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, the Pro-Adjuster is providing outstanding results for our patients.

The Pro-Adjuster is an instrument that utilizes the latest computer technology to evaluate very small spinal motion abnormalities, as well as specifically treat, under the control of the Chiropractic Physician, the involved segments. After the analysis, and during the treatment mode, the Pro-Adjuster tests the spine to determine when each spinal segment has reached the optimum state of motion and then is used to retest the treated area for compliance to what the normal state should be. By continuous analysis, the computer monitor displays resistance responses, frequency and fixation, from the segment that is receiving resonant treatment percussion from the instrument / computer.

This method of care provides more feedback, a lighter touch, more control of the treatment and access to all of the vertebrae. By blending together the best therapy, corrective exercises, specific adjustments and analysis, our office is providing the most advanced Chiropractic care available in this profession. The instrument is an extension of the doctor’s hand and provides data from his treatment beyond any treatment or instrument in the past.

NRT - Nutritional Response Testing:

Acupuncture is part of an ancient system of medicine that has been gaining popularity in the United States since it's introduction in the 1970's. It uses small, thin needles that are inserted into the skin at specific points. When stimulated, these points activate the body's healing energy, called "qi" or "chi" in Chinese. Needle insertions may have a mild sensation or none at all, but the qi that is produced can be quite strong.


The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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About Us

Whatever your dieting history is, it's in the past... and starting today you can stop letting your past dictate your future, because our weight loss program offers dieters what they really want... a structured plan that can offer an end to yo-yo dieting.

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